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What is unique about WeForest is that 80% of our staff are volunteers and our paid staff are funded by specific organisations, which means we are able to keep our overheads very low. Therefore, most of your donation goes straight to planting trees.

A word from our WeForesters...

“Surprised. Delighted. Important to get involved right now!” Those are the words used by Natascha, our 18-year-old volunteer in Germany, to express how WeForest’s global tree planting movement inspired her... (Read more...)

- "I lecture in Environment and Development.  I already knew about WeForest and used them in my classes as a bright shining example of an organisation that does everything you would want this kind of organisation to do; attend to environmental, societal and economic issues all in one go, AND to do so with accountability" - Cathy Symington, WeForest Communications, Science and Management Consultant since 2013.

- "Volunteering for WeForest has been one of the most enriching experiences, at every level, of my life.  WeForest gave me the opportunity to represent a great cause, work as a team with highly talented, devoted, and passionate professionals, make a difference in the life of many individuals around the globe, as well as make a difference in the state of our treasured planet. Through this experience, I have grown to be more confident, committed, and inspired by the grand things that we, as human beings, can achieve when we work together for the common good." - Joanie Quintanilla, WeForest Director of PR, Social Networks, and Communications (Volunteer in 2011 / 2012)

- “I had the opportunity to work within a dynamic global movement who are making a real difference. I was inspired and energized by the various team members from around the world and their 'can-do' attitude. And I had the privilege of knowing that I made a difference, I helped Heal the World with WeForest.” - Ernestine Duffy, WeForest Social Media activist (Volunteer in 2012).

- "Being part of WeForest is one big learning experience for me. I am learning about all the good things a tree can do; for the environment as well as for the local community. I am learning that a lot of people care and make our work possible by donating. And last but not least I am learning from the team, it is wonderful to be part of a motivated and professional team. I am glad that with my experience I can contribute to improving the efficiency of the whole organization." - Marieke Sopers, Belgium, WeForest CRM Specialist since 2013.

- "Through WeForest I learn so much about sustainability strategies of corporates in Europe as well as about reforestation projects in the world. And I get to meet very interesting people!" - Anna Roesinger, WeForest’s Director of Partnerships for Germany.

- "Much of the work I do as a consultant is at a strategic level and I wanted to spend some of my time working on a project which was having a direct, measurable positive impact.  WeForest is a perfect example of an organisation that is doing just this, by regenerating lost habitats and combatting Climate Change. It has an infectiously positive, upbeat, 'can-do' approach to the global challenge of Climate Change." - Eva Vogt, UK Director of Partnerships.

- "I have been impressed how creative people are in WeForest; so motivated to improve the quality of the environment and reduce poverty in many regions over the world. I really enjoy assisting the team by spending one day per week in the back office" - Margot Brughmans, Belgium, Volunteer since 2013.

- " I enjoy developing some web tools for WeForest. I feel like I'm helping out an important environmental project in the only way I can, with some time. I hope the project reaches its planting goals, becomes bigger and leverages web technology to plant as many trees as possible. My feeling is we can make this real ... if we try!” - Mark F., Germany, Web Specialist (Volunteer in 2013).

- "Like many people I have been frustrated by the prospect of global warming with no obvious solution. I firmly believe in the aims of WeForest and hope their message is heard by more people !" - Brendan Tyrrell, Ireland, Volunteer since 2013.

- "I now have the cool feeling that I am part of a worldwide organisation who really makes a difference, without losing themselves in endless meetings (do I sound like I have some experience in it...? )" - Lenke Slegers, Uganda, Volunteer since 2012.

- "I am truly convinced by WeForest's unique concept; cooling the earth and diminishing poverty by involving and training the local inhabitants." - Ingrid Lempp, Germany, WeForest's designer since 2011.

- "Being part of the WeForest family was an enriching personal and professional experience. It allowed me to deepen my knowledge in the climate change and forest management topics. I learned about the organisational and operational challenges that non-governmental organisations experience. It was, without a doubt,  a great year. I met new people, places and dedicated my time to the the activity I love the most: working for the environment. I share WeForest´s values and goals and consider that it is important for all sectors of society to get somehow involved in making earth a more liveable place for all"  - Adrián Flores, Science Manager 2013-2014.