Marie Noelle Keijzer, MBA and Msc
Co-founder & CEO - Expertise in business development and strategy, marketing, communication, strategic partnerships, advocacy and public speaking. 

Multilingual social entrepreneur with a background of 22 years senior corporate leadership in Supply Chain, CSR and business transformation. Masters in Environmental Science (Msc), Masters in Business Administration (MBA), Member of Al Gore's Climate reality Corps.  


Victoria Gutierrez, PhD
Director of reforestation projects and science strategy - Overall management, development and monitoring of portfolio of reforestation projects. 

PhD in primate behavioural ecology “The use and function of cheek pouches in Papio cynocephalus in Mikumi National Park, Tanzania”; Vegetation monitoring and botany; Evaluation management capacity, EUREVAL; LEAD International sustainability fellow; Senior Fellow of the UK Higher Education Academy (SEHEA), with over 10 years in the Social sciences.


Eva Vogt, MProf.
Head of UK Partnerships Development - Creative innovation for partnership development, copywriting and content generation.

8 years experience working in CSR and Sustainability-related initiatives; BSc (hons) in Anthropology, Archaeology and International Development; MProf. in Leadership for Sustainable Development.


Anna Roesinger
Director German Region - Development of Partnerships in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Asia. Agroforestry Development, Carbon Strategy.

M.A. (Magister Artium) in Political Science and Public Law; Carbon expert with 6 years of work experience in Europe and Asia; Trained in Sustainable Forest Management, Due Diligence and auditing of Forest Carbon Projects.


Jeannette van Bodegraven
Benelux Director of Partnerships - Development and management of partnerships with corporates, foundations and governments.

Business Economics studies with over 25 years of experience in B2B, B2C and NGO communication in Europe, South-America and Africa.


Pascaline Haedrich
Sales Support Manager - Provides partners with content and material for a powerful communication around the impact of ‘their’ trees.

Graduated in Business, Marketing & Applied Foreign languages, 10 years experience in multinational environments, 5 years experience in sustainable development and NGOs.


Margot Brughmans
Manager Administration - Manages Finances and HR.

Bachelors in Accounting. 20 years as Administration, Accounting and HR Manager in a multinational company.



Philip Greffin
Director Business Development France - Development and management of partnerships with corporates, foundations. Masters degree in General Management (ESSEC). 14 years of business experience as a Managing Director for an internationla company.

Bill Liao
Co-founder and Chairman of the board - Social networking pioneer, author, speaker, and serial entrepreneur.


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