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We calculated that if only 8% of us planted 352 trees, we could halt global warming!
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Trees as gift !

Surprise your friends and family with a lasting and responsible present: give them a bunch of trees!
All you need to do is tell us what message you want on your tree certificate when you make the Paypal payment (in the field "add special instructions to the seller").

Offset your carbon footprint

How many trees do you need  to offset 1 ton of CO2?
6 trees are needed to offset 1 ton of CO2 after 10 years. In Europe one person emits on average between 10 to 12 tons of CO2 every year: planting 60 to 72 trees every year will ensure that his year's emissions are absorbed by the tree's biomass after 10 years. Are you ready to become carbon neutral?

Become a WeForester

If you have specific competencies and wish to give some of your time to our cause, on a long-term basis, contact us to work as a volunteer (
Our current needs are in programming (IT ), Design, HR and Fundraising.