Coherent with their business model which develops beautiful, valuable properties that make people happier and our environment healthier, Kwadraat offsets its carbon footprint every year. 

Kwadraat is active in the housing design and construction sectors.

A word from the CEO:

"The idea is fascinating in its simplicity: start worldwide local communities in order to reforest large and sustainable degraded land, neutralize millions of tons of harmful CO2, recover natural environments and urge to permanently reduce poverty through the creation of thousands of micro-enterprises as creators of stable employment and better living". Chris Holemans

Kwadraat is planting in Africa: Ethiopia (166,666 trees planted) and Burkina Faso (83,330 trees planted so far).

More info on boths projects: in Burkina Faso and in Ethiopia.

Project location: 
374 999
July 2012
A couple of workers working in nursery
Employee walking through trees ranging in age between 3 and 5 years
Workers preparing soil in nursery
Planting updates: