Investing in the communities in which we live and work is key to Deloitte.
Aligned with Deloitte’s identity as a coaching and learning organisation, its extensive corporate responsibility programme focuses on innovation, education and entrepreneurship. Based on these criteria the organisation works closely with structural partners to support a variety of social projects in Belgium and abroad.

Deloitte recognises its responsibility as a major business to employ resources as sustainably as possible. At the start of 2008 Deloitte launched Greening the Green Dot, a bold initiative to cut its CO2 emissions 25% by FY12. Three years on, slightly ahead of schedule, the firm’s carbon footprint per person is down 16%. To achieve the additional 9% drop in emissions Deloitte focuses on energy, mobility and air travel.

Deloitte innovates in CSR! 
Planting trees with WeForest and sending volunteers to train local NGO's and students on IT skills, environmental stewardship and much more. 
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A word from the CEO:

"Our social programme aims to encourage entrepreneurship amongst disadvantaged people around the world." Rik Vanpeteghem.

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See also the direct impact in this latest report (May 2014)

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Article on PeopleSphere - May 2013