WeForest offers your company the opportunity to engage creatively in a socially responsible cause for employee motivation, stakeholder engagement and customer satisfaction

Remember: everyone loves trees!


Have you considered promoting your products without having to offer discounts?
What if your product was associated with a good action for the environment?
Examples of campaigns :  “Buy 2 get 1 tree” , “Do you want a tree with your order?”

Marketing campaign smart and WeForest You Drive WeForest

Reduce your footprint

The best carbon is the one that is avoided.
An what about the residual emissions you have not yet been able to avoid ?
What can you do about them ?
With the carbon from trees you can compensate or offset your carbon footprint and work towards carbon neutrality. 

Reduce your footprint


You know that trees make a difference in the countries where we plant.
You just want to make a charitable tax deductible donation for our cause?


Buy cards

Christmas cards
Surprise your clients and network: send them cards that plant trees! The card can be planted too and grows flowers.

Cards that plant trees
Reduce your footprint
Buy cards
Adroaldo Supporting WeForest
Trees planted: 30.000
Amex Alpha card
Trees planted: 1.850
Trees planted: 5,000
Assar logo
Trees planted: 87,634
Atlas Copco
Trees planted: 179,500
Trees planted: 490
Trees planted: 2,000
boomerang supporting WeForest
Trees planted: 10,000
Carbon control supporting WeForest
Trees planted: 1,667
Chocolate and Love weForest - reforestation in Ethiopia
Trees planted: 22.000
Cipherion Translation supporting WeForest
Contraste WeForest partner - reforestation in Madagascar
Trees planted: 10.000
Trees planted: 1,000
Defimedia WeForest partner
Trees planted: 10,000
Trees planted: 2,000
Delhaye and WeForest - reforestation in Philippines
Trees planted: 1,000
Delifrance - WeForest partner - reforestation in Madagascar
Trees planted: 1,676,487
Deloitte supports WeForest
Trees planted: 130.000