Trees as a Currency

Restore Ecosystems

Doing great things is not enough anymore: which customer actually goes out and reads your CSR report?

Stakeholder engagement  requires companies to inform each and every person individually. This is now possible: trees with the help of technology are becoming the new currency around consumer engagement. Rewarding responsible consumption or behavior change with trees gives you the opportunity to inform customers about all the other things you do as a company. Remember, everyone loves trees!   

After 5 years of working with corporations of all sizes WeForest have learned that most consumers when making a choice know very little about their favorite brand’s CSR initiatives.

Both brands and the millions of customers they serve have a key role to play in embedding CSR into everyday life and every part of the company, so that every customer, every employee, every product bought, every service delivered can contribute to a cooler planet for climate, the environment and the people. This is possible with trees and new technologies: we have developed an app to create that link, engaging your stakeholders actively.

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