Board of Directors

WeForest is governed by 2 independent Boards of Directors, 1 in the USA and 1 in Europe.
These boards are responsible for major strategic and organizational decisions taken within WeForest.



Registered under the # 0826.151.968 since May 26th, 2010
Ogentroostlaan 15, 3090 Overijse

WeForest INC
Incorporated as a 501(c)3 in the USA #61-1662313 since August 23rd, 2011
5616 I Ox Road, Fairfax Station, VA 220139

President - Marie-Noëlle Keijzer Executive Director - James Haft
Vice-President & Secretary - Annemiek Raemakers Chief Operating Officer - Kamol Farid
Treasurer - Olivier Verstraeten Chief Fundraising Officer - Molly Reams Thompson